About Us

NET-HEAD is an Information Technology services provider; it humbly started as an Internet café back in 2006 and later advanced to an IT solutions provider that caters Small-Office-Home-Office (SOHO) clients and Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB). The company provides professional IT services and products, mobile technology services and web solution services, which include web hosting and development to businesses and organizations.

We believe that providing “quality” IT services should not be expensive but rather cost-effective. In Net-Head, we focus on providing reliable and cost-effective value added services such as IT consulting, web hosting, web design and development, and other IT-related services to our clients, wherein majority are non-profit organizations and small companies that require quality IT products and services.

OUR MISSION - To optimize efficient, cost-effective and functional Information Technology services that will provide strategic value to small and medium sized businesses and response to there IT related needs.

OUR VISION - To help our clients answer their IT related needs and be a source of a quality, commercial and professional IT services.


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